Three Things

A "Brussels sprouts Reuben," fattoush, a discount code for the prettiest tableware

Readers and eaters, good morning! Big thank you for making The Weekday Vegetarians publication week a huge success! I loved hearing from all of you and seeing your dinner posts on facebook and instagram. Please keep ‘em coming, and if you are NY-local, please consider joining me at the TWV launch party on September 21. (Tickets and info here.) Meanwhile, I know I’m supposed to be talking about my own book, but this morning all I can think about is trying to get my hands on an early copy of Jonathan Franzen’s Crossroads. I think I’ve secured one — so you can be sure I’ll be mentioning it again soon. (Was I the only one who thought both The Corrections and Freedom were too short?) And speaking of iconic novelists, this fall is like the World Cup for book lovers: Elizabeth Strout, Ruth Ozeki, Colson Whitehead, and Sally Rooney all have new releases, and I for one am here for it! But my guess is that you are here for your Three Things so here we go….

1. A Made-to-Order Brussels Sprout Reuben

A few days before I dropped off Abby at college, I was sitting in my office, otherwise known as the southwest corner of the dining room table, and I was starving. After a year of cheffing up absurd quarantine meals for Abby, I figured it was my last chance to ask her to return the favor. “Surprise me,” I told her. “Make me something good.” Well, I’m sure there’s a lot she needs to learn as she heads out on her own, but making something good for lunch is not one of them. Having just learned what a Reuben was, she decided to create a vegetarian version using Brussels sprouts, which we have in our house year-round, even in the off-season, because: Abby. We didn’t have two of the more crucial components of a classic Reuben (rye bread and sauerkraut, and, um, corned beef) but she pan-fried a handful of Brussels cut-side down over medium-high heat in olive oil (about 5 minutes), sprinkled in some salt and pepper, and shredded gruyere until it melted, then scooped all of that onto some whole wheat toast. The Russian dressing was from epicurious (Abby “third-ed” it), which she drizzled on top. It was maybe the best thing I’ve ever eaten for lunch, and I keep watching the instagram video I posted about it to re-live the crunch of the bread — and also just to see her face in my house. I miss her. I mean, I’m doing fine! (P.S. These sandwiches would 100% work for dinner.)

2. A Dish for Rosh Hashanah (or Otherwise)

Happy new year! For those of you still hosting or heading to Rosh Hashanah dinners tonight (or even those of you who are not), I would like to point you in the direction of this recipe for Fattoush from Leah Koenig’s wonderful book Modern Jewish Cooking. It’s perfect this time of year while you can still get your hands on some good tomatoes. It’s got bright cucumbers and radishes, and the pita chips soak up the sumac-spiked tangy yogurt dressing while retaining their crunch, and yes that is as good as it sounds. Shanah tovah.

3. A DALS Deal on East Fork Pottery!

Have you noticed the beautiful ceramic dinner plates and bowl that often make cameos here on Dinner: A Love Story? They’re from East Fork Pottery, who I’m proud to say I partnered with while shooting The Weekday Vegetarians, last summer. I love how homey and expertly handmade-feeling they are, but I also very much appreciate the sizes of their dishes. I had forever been in search of a bowl that size you see up there — the aptly named Everyday Bowl, perfect for pasta, big salads, or rice bowls like the one shown. (That’s my Black Rice Bowl with Sugar Snap Peas and Omelet Ribbons, page 44.) So today it gives me great pleasure to announce….

…that Dinner: A Love Story readers can get 15% off all East Fork products from now until September 15. Just type in the code WEEKDAYVEG at checkout. This bowl shown here is lower and wider than the Everyday, but still just as useful, is the “Coupe” from their new Harvest Moon line, which just feels so right for the fall. I’m also a fan of their weeknight serving bowl, dinner plates, and the little set of smaller guys because I’ve actually never met a tiny bowl I didn’t love. P.S. Book owners: This recipe shown, Glazed Maitake Mushrooms with Sweet Corn Polenta is on page 56. I also made a reel on instagram for anyone who just wants to get the gist of it. It’s a good recipe for right now while you can still find corn and tomatoes (add it to the list!) and the chill in the air has you craving comfort food. Don’t forget: WEEKDAYVEG for 15% off everything. Thanks East Fork!

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