Three Things

Easiest soup ever, apple overload, an Italian market shopping list

Good morning readers and eaters! I want to thank everyone for the condolence notes after last week’s tribute to my father-in-law. I read every single one, and passed them on to Andy as well. I’m not the first to say it, but as hard as it’s been, it’s impossible to not also feel tremendous gratitude for how much love and generosity there is in the world. Relatedly: Our college freshman was the beneficiary of some of that generosity; she had a game nearby-ish and we were able to bring her a little bit of home — a NY bagel with Nova and cream cheese, assembled from a Russ & Daughters “thinking of you” delivery. (For the record: I’ve learned that Russ & Daughters wins on Nova, and Zabar’s wins on Babka.) I will never not be satisfied on the most primal level watching my kids enjoy something that singularly delicious.

OK, here we go, Three Things I’d like you to know this week…

1. Easiest White Bean Soup

This is a true story: When I wrote up the Easiest White Bean Soup for The Weekday Vegetarians (page 78), I actually asked myself: Is it too easy? As in, will anyone learn anything from making this recipe? Turns out, when the clock strikes 7:00, dinner-makers care less about learning something new and more about feeding the hungry charges at their table; it remains one of the most popular of the book. And for those of you who don’t own TWV, you’re in luck: The lovely Sarah Copeland, cookbook author at the helm of Edible Living (and my sometimes-vegetarian-sister-in-arms) has excerpted the soup recipe over on her page. I’m pretty sure that could be your dinner tonight.

2. Apple Overload

It’s the best kind of dilemma: Too many apples! What to make? You could absolutely assemble the Apple-stuffed Apple Cake I wrote up earlier this month and have since been making on repeat, but there is also this recipe for Cinnamon-Apple Spelt Muffins (shown above), Apple Bread Pudding, Kale and Apple Salad with Cider Vinaigrette, Apple Crisp, or Slow-Cooker Apple Butter, which is just the thing when you thought picking up the 30-count apple bag at the orchard was a no-brainer.

3. Pro Shopping Tip

I think it’s because I’ve been listening to Stanley Tucci’s memoir, but last week I had an overpowering urge to visit our local Italian specialty store. (Pray tell, what is better than a visit to the Italian specialty store?) So here is your friendly reminder to always, always pick up the good canned or jarred olive-oil-packed tuna when you are there — I don’t have anything against Bumble Bee, but the olive-oil packed filets jarred in Italy just feel more dinner-worthy, especially when a Niçoise-ish Salad is on the menu. Other items in the shopping basket: A package of nested, eggy, tagliatelle, prepared store-made pesto (not jarred), a pretty bottle of good olive oil that I will probably save for a gift and….

…pickled white anchovies. On Friday night, we drizzled good olive oil on them along with a tiny squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of Calabrian chili powder. Heaven.

P.S. A Very Special Guest: Mark Your Calendars!

What should you read next if you’re in the mood for something spooky-Halloweeny? Is the new Elizabeth Strout novel all that people say it is? What should your kid read next if the last thing they tore through was His Dark Materials? I’m thrilled to let you know that this week’s Q&A hotline guest will be Pamela Paul, editor of The New York Times Book Review, host of the Book Review Podcast, and author of the brand new 100 Things We’ve Lost to the Internet. As with our last Q&A (Where to vacation next?), Pamela will be available to answer all your book-related questions on a comment thread on Friday, October 29, from 12:30-3:00 ET. Don’t worry, I’ll send another note you on Friday so you don’t forget.

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Thanks for reading and have a great week,