The Dinner: A Love Story Podcast, Episode 5

Your vegetarian cooking questions ANSWERED.


Presenting episode 5, wherein Andy and discuss coming up with vegetarian dinner ideas after so many years of falling back on meat; navigating dinner party invitations when you don’t eat meat; our thoughts on plant-based burgers, and, of course, my new book The Weekday Vegetarians.

A few things that came up in case you’d like to explore further:

-My book, The Weekday Vegetarians, just out this week (hooray!)
-The Veggie Burger we can’t stop making (The Kitchn)
-Salvaging Rotten Produce (Cup of Jo)
-Brothy Beans (Because is it even a day if I don’t mention them?)

Big thanks to Nakano, makers of high-quality, accessibly priced Japanese knives. (I’m obsessed with their Santuko and now have my eyes on the Mito Knife Set, above.) Type in DINNER at checkout for a 10% discount on your first purchase.

Thanks to Ligeia, Alec, Kate, and Mara and everyone else who sent in voice memo questions. Please feel free to send more for future episodes and don’t forget to introduce yourself and tell me where you’re from.

This episode was produced by the gifted and talented people at FreeTime Media. Thanks Howie & Rob!

See you next week